" At NTC we are building a platform to promote and empower Canadian charities, through socially responsible ideals and environmentally sustainable practice"

- Jacobus DeGroot, Founder

WHO WE ARE --- Northern T-shirt Company (NTC) is a socially conscious and environmentally sustainable apparel brand. We exclusively feature products that are hand crafted in Canada and comprised of environmentally sustainable materials. 


We do this primarily through our series of charity collections. Each collection is created by local artists and created with the purpose of promoting and raising funds for its designated charity. 50% of profits are donated to the featured certified organization. 

WHAT WE'RE MADE OF --- From its conception, NTC has always strived to create as little ecological impact as possible. We promote the use of environmentally sustainable materials by exclusively using textiles like, rayon fibre from bamboo and organic cotton. 


Bamboo is known for its rapid growth -- requiring little resources, making it a sustainable and eco friendly material. Bamboo's purposes reach from construction materials to plastic alternatives. We specifically utilize the 'rayon fibre', found in bamboo, for its buttery soft feel and durability. The fibre also retains its antimicrobial properties to keep our products free from gathering odour causing bacteria. 

The benefits of using organic cotton compared to regular cotton out weigh much more than the top quality feel. Organic cotton uses much less water than traditional cotton farms and uses 0% of the harmful chemical sprays. This means there is absolutely no damage to the soil quality post harvest, making it a more sustainable alternative to traditional cotton. 

A NEW STANDARD --- At the centre of our business, is our commitment to supporting local economy by only creating our products on Canadian soil. We choose to do this because of our mission to create a new standard for the clothing industry. We are an alternative solution to the exploitive practices used throughout the industry today. 

Ultimately NTC practices being 'socially conscious' by maintaining awareness of the impact our ongoing decisions create on our community, country and world.